Start telling yourself what you love about yourself. 

In your own life it’s important to know how spectacular you are.  Our disappointment in others often reflects our disappointment in ourselves.  Our acceptance of others often reflects our acceptance of ourselves.  Our ability to see potential in others often reflects our ability to see potential in ourselves.  Our patience with others often reflects our patience with ourselves.  You get the idea – you’ve got to show yourself some love first and foremost.

Do what you’ll say you’ll do

If you want to be proud of yourself and who you are, take action when you say you’ll take action.

After all, life is about taking action, engaging in new experiences and achieving goals. And these goals don’t have to be big. The smaller ones are perhaps more important. If you say you’re going to clean the house, do it! It’ll make you happy.

In fact, according to Psychology Today, by setting small goals and achieving them, your bran may receive a spike in dopamine – a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. This is why people benefit from to-do lists.

Loving yourself is crucial for your own emotional health and ability to reach your potential. The good news is, we’re all capable of believing in ourselves and living the best life we possibly can
Sometimes toxic relationships develop because we don’t know how to love ourselves. I learned how to find love from others by loving myself first.
Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you. I’ve chosen to love and honor myself, instead of convincing others to do it for me every day.

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