Everybody these days seems to be doing what everybody else is doing. You go to a wedding and it’s the same whole same whole! Mini concert is gaining momentum in naija now. Comedians are always  a must-must in all weddings. But aside that, what else can you do to make it blissful not only for yourself but also for your guest?

I have loads of ideas but will streamline the top 5

If you are having your wedding coming up and still wondering how best to entertain your guests aside dancing then you might want to check this out.

 5 fantastic  and unique ways to ‘waow’ your wedding guests and create unforgettable moments.

1,  Short Choreography Lesson Dance

We all dance at weddings,  but how many of your guests know the latest or popular dance steps. I bet you, most are secretly wishing they know how to dance the ‘shoki” dance or the “taste like candy”. For pure fun and engagement, you could get a choreographer who will engage your guests after the meal and teach them some simple steps in shaking it off. Kids and adults would love it when they are included in the whole fun. Learning the basics of Salsa is a start to a pleasant new discovery for some of your guests.

2, Flash Mob Wedding Dance

Flash mob in  a simple definition is when group of people come together to create a some sort of dance  routine . The beauty of a flash mob is that it is usually unexpected and even the next person by your side could be part of the dance group. The spontaneity is what excites people. It brings people to life when people from different angle join to form a big dance group. Most flash mobs have been used for wedding proposals and randomly for other events but what about organizing one on your wedding day? You can recruit anyone who is interested in being part of it before the wedding. Anybody from the guest list, bridal party, ushers, in-laws e.t.c The secret is to tell people by words of mouth and others telling others in a discreet way.

3, Food Station

Food station has been on for a while but not very popular. It’s more than the buffet stop or candy bar. Food station are created to overwhelm your wedding guests. This food spot is different from the main meal. Let’s be honest, most guests do look forward to item number 7 (whoever chose that number!) Food station is actually not very popular not because it doesn’t have the ‘WAOW” factor but because it’s mostly expensive to do that. Having said that, it is a creative way to showcase the character of the new Mr. and Mrs. while wowing guests. Let guests feast their eyes and bellies on late-night nibbles, like fries, suya, or exquisite starters in three or four strategic position in the hall.   No one will go home complaining.

4,  Wedding Fireworks.

If you’ve ever witnessed firework displays, you will know how enchanting and beautiful the effect of fireworks is. Showcasing mind-blowing display of fireworks to your live guests not only creates a special moment but it is something that  people will never forget in a very long time. It is a real delight to an amazing night of love and laughter. If you cannot afford to have this in your budget, then try  sparklers! As you exit the building, allow your guest take a sparkler and light up your world !

5, Instrumental Jazz Artists

Who would have thought? Yes, they do add a great ambience to the whole reception  gig. Imagine having a jazz artist serenade and welcome your guests as they come in to the reception. This Jazz artist are good to come in before, during and after the wedding reception. They could also be given time for a 5-10 mins play with this whole team. If Jazz is not your style then what about a pianist?

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